sala_stemprocell_4It is a revolutionary procedure that extracts and reintroduces stem cells into the patient, all with the same procedure, on the same day, and at the same facility. The procedure can be completed with appropriate qualified experience within 4-5 hour. Patients will be treated with local anesthesia procedure so it is virtually painless and easily adjusts to an active lifestyle. There is no need to wait or prepare cultures of autologous cells which we do not want to change or manipulate stem cells. We will keep them in their natural state until they are reintroduced into the body. This is in direct contrast to the removal of bone marrow or other methods that are currently used. Since we use the most abundant source of stem cells found in the patient’s own fat, there is no need to manipulate and multiply these autologous cells, which helps ensure their survival.


1. Rejuvenation treatment of face, neck and hands:

Rostro cuello y manosThis type of  natural filling method last longer than any regular procedure currently available. It involves the use of growth factors, platelet-rich plasma + stem cells obtained from the patient’s blood and fat injected under local anesthesia in the areas to be treated, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and scars. This technique increases the production of collagen and generates natural skin rejuvenation. It can be applied for fine lines around the lips, ears, hands, neck, stretch marks and scars. The procedure takes about two hours.


2. Anti-Aging Treatment:

rejuvenecimiento-facial-200x170Skin aging is explained by the loss of collagen, water and face fat, dryness, dehydration and lack of firmness. The latest “Facial Refreshment” procedures are focused on the reimplantation of living cells that will regenerate collagen production to restore the freshness and vitality, a characteristic of young skin. This is possible by applying the patient’s own stem cells which are processed to stimulate skin cell differentiation and then are applied to improve the quality of both, skin surface and deeper facial tissues.


3. Hair Loss:

perdida de cabelloAlopecia affects about half of men in our environment but also  female alopecia has increased significantly in the recent years. All these patients will definitely receive with open arms any progress in the field of stem cells that allow the generation of hair. Research carried out by Dr. Mc Elwee’s Canadian research group has achieved follicular regeneration in areas with androgenetic alopecia using stem cells. The test has been proven safe with encouraging results.