pre-post-lipolaser-cartucheras-muslos-2Liposculpture is the advanced version of liposuction. Nowadays, both terms are often used as synonyms. Liposculpture is basically a more precise and thus a more efficient method to remove fat.Liposculpture involves the injection of an anesthetic and blood staunching solution. This makes the fat swell up and the fat cells become weak, so that they can easily be drained off using a fine needle. This way, both deep and superficial fat can be removed. During the operation, the patient is sometimes asked to change position so that the doctor can better evaluate the treatment area.


This treatment is intended to correct those body regions in which diet-resistant fat accumulation persists. This technique suctions fat from different parts of the body: hips, thighs, knees, ankles, arms, abdomen, face, etc. Sometimes it is complementary to other interventions (facelift, tummy tuck, etc.). Liposculpture is usually performed under local anesthesia and sedation, but in very extensive cases it can be carried out under general anesthesia.