cirugia_plastica1It intends to correct and / or improve congenital, acquired, tumor or involution anomalies requiring repair or replacement of the body shape and function. The purpose is that patients who were born with a birth defect or had an accident reach both their normal aesthetic appearance and their body function. Healthy individuals who want to improve or change their physical appearance are also included. Plastic surgery is divided into two fields.



cirugia_plastica_reconstructivaReconstructive or restorative surgery, which includes microsurgery, is focused on concealing and rebuilding the destructive effects of an accident or trauma, birth defects or tumor or oncologic resection. Reconstructive or restorative surgery uses different techniques: osteosynthesis, tissue transfer using skin flaps, and autologous transplants from healthy body parts to the affected body parts, etc.


cirugia_plastica_esteticaAesthetic or cosmetic surgery is performed in order to modify those body parts that are not satisfactory to the patient. However, there are medical reasons such as reduction mammoplasty when orthopedic problems in the lumbar spine are present, or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) in severe cases of dermatochalasis that may prevent normal vision.





senos3The breasts are a very important part of a woman’s body. They have always been considered an area full of sensuality and are inevitably associated with feminine beauty. There is no ideal breast size and beauty standards vary greatly from one person to another and from one country to another. In any case, the most important thing is that a woman is comfortable with her breasts and, if that is not the case, there is a surgical solution.




procedimientos corporalesBody surgery encompasses a group of surgical techniques that aim to improve those areas of our body that we do not feel comfortable with. The appearance of the skin and the accumulation of fat in the human body are visible signs of aging.

The loss of firmness that occurs over the years due to elastin and collagen alteration and hormonal and weight changes, mainly in women, causes the loss of a smooth, firm and youthful look. As a result, there are signs such as sagging skin and excess fat that cosmetic surgery defeats more and more easily.



tratamientos_fascialesFacial redefinition is in high demand nowadays. There are different procedures to reshape the nose, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, ears and lips, providing more harmonious features.