cirugia_munecaThe hand is the body part whose control requires a greater area of the brain, has multiple joints and a lot of tendons which are involved in precision movements.



1.Open Carpal Tunnel Release

tunel_carpianoThe carpal tunnel is a bony trough formed by the small bones of the wrist. This narrow gutter is not extensible. It is enclosed by a strong ligament, an annular ligament of the carpus.


Carpal tunnel release is the surgery to treat the carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome is the presence of pain and weakness in the hand caused by pressure on the median nerve at the wrist, which produces tingling and pain in the palm and fingers predominantly during the night. In more advanced cases, muscle loss and weakness may appear.

The CTS is a very common disease. The incidence rate is about three times higher in women than in men. In about 70% of cases, it is bilateral with a preponderance of the dominant hand.