Enfermedades-CerebrovascularesEpilepsy is a disorder caused by an imbalance in the electrical activity of neurons in any area of the brain. It is characterized by one or more neurological disorders that leave a predisposition in the brain to suffer recurrent seizures, which often lead to neurobiological, cognitive and psychological consequences. The awake craniotomy “version 3.0” was promoted during the last decade. It is characterized by a better understanding of brain anatomy and function supported by CGI, which generate the important areas of the brain. The arrival of brain GPSs or neuronavigators finally allowed to safely navigate corridors considered “forbidden” until then and began to eradicate the notion of inoperable brain tumors.


In our country, this type of surgery has become more frequent after 2007 and allowed us to safely remove more and more tumors, allowing our patients to stay out of intensive care and shorten their hospital stay to only 2 days. From 2007 to date, the group of surgeons of Centro Internacional del Cáncer in El Salvador has performed 135 awake craniotomies, which not only limited to tumor surgery but also epilepsy, abscesses, blood clots inside the brain and other injuries.


tttttThe dramatic evolution in the field of neurosurgery in El Salvador can be greatly attibuted to awake craniotomy. The acquisition of increasingly sophisticated imaging and technology to operate the brain has supported this effort up to the brain radiosurgery program, which leads to a more advanced concept: operating the brain without opening it, bloodless, painless and on an outpatient basis, with Infini. A state-of-the-art equipment to operate brain tumors without the need of scalpels; epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and other brain diseases, making a significant difference in modern medicine.