What to expect from your experience in medical tourism with itravel4health? Let us show you the process, step by step.


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Whether through our website, a phone call, skype or email, we are here to assist you in any way we can. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin searching for solutions to your medical needs and help you coordinate and simplify all aspects of your treatment abroad. The only thing you will need to care about is leaving behind your medical condition.


Many Arrows of OpportunityDeciding Your Options  itravel4health will provide you with a variety of options the suit your needs. This will include an array of surgeons, treatment options, airline tickets, accommodation, tours, transportation, as well as complementary services to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


FAQ2Medical History


As soon as we receive your medical history, we will send it to the surgeon of your choice so the Doctor can evaluate your case. The doctor may ask for additional medical information such as X-rays, MRIs, lab tests, etc., to make a full assessment of your particular case and recommend the most appropriate procedure for you.


670px-Make-a-Conference-Call-Step-1Meet your doctor

Once the doctor has the necessary medical information from you, itravel4health will coordinate a conference call Doctor-Pacient to get to know each other. You will have opportunity to ask any questions to the doctor, and the doctor will explain to you step by step the procedure, the risks and possible complications that may arise as well as the postoperative care to get well soon and successfully. Once the evaluation and the procedure have been agreed upon between the Doctor and you, itravel4health will send you a final quote for your procedure.


Consejos-de-viajeTravel Logistics

Itravel4health will handle all the details of your trip and help you plan and prepare everything you and your partner will need during your stay in El Salvador. Passport, visa, payment methods and tips, clothing, complementary services and recommendations of must seen places during your visit and while you are recovering. Itravel4health will also coordinate appointments and visits to the doctor, the hospital, transfers, nurses, etc. All you have to do is pack your suitcase and get on the plane. We encourage you to carry out your own research on our recommendations and discuss them with your doctor for approval, especially if it is a visit to a resort or accommodation outside the city to recover.


Taking the decision to travel to  El Salvador

Once you decide to travel to El Salvador, we will send you a “Waiver Agreement” where we explain the scope of our services, for you to sign in acceptance and understanding, and a credit card form to fill out with your credit card information authorizing us to charge 50% of the total package contracted in order to block and guarantee all the reservations with the Doctor, the Hospital and the Hotel, and to buy the airline ticket to avoid an increase in your quote.


Arriving in El Salvador


itravel4health will welcome you at the airport with a sign bearing your name, a private car and driver to take you directly to your hotel. We will have a whole itinerary prepared for you. Our motto is: “4 a better life”, meaning that we will strive to make your stay in our country an unforgettable experience. We will handle all the details for you to relax before, during and after the treatment and keep calm, pampered and well attended.


Your Treatment / Surgery


You will be with the most qualify hands of El Salvador. We are partners with the best private hospitals, doctors and surgeons of the specialties we offer. If you choose itravel4health as a facilitator for your health care abroad, we will ensure you accomplish your goals and ours “4 a Better Life”.


Whether traveling to save money, to be treated promptly or to take a little vacation at the same time you are recovering from a health condition, we assure you, you will get the best care possible. Your wellbeing is our priority.


Is likely that before your surgery the doctor asks for some pre-operative tests to ensure that your health condition have not change since your last exams. A bilingual representative will be with you at all times during the procedure in case is necessary. The clinics and hospitals of our partners are impeccable and technologically advance, the personnel is well trained and will provide the medical care, attention and comfort you need.


Recovery phase


We will have booked at the hotel of your choice with the best package of care that can be purchased with your money either city, mountain, beach, lake, etc. You will feel safe, relaxed and happy while recovering featuring all the amenities and the care you need. Itravel4health remain in constant contact with you during your stay ensuring that nothing is missing. It will be closely monitored during recovery until the doctor gives you the high and can go home.


Back home


We’ll take care of this. It will be well recovered and rested in the time you have to leave and go home, but does not mean that your return trip has added any unwanted stress. Arrange airport transfers and all travel itinerary controlled and any need for continued care or follow-up.


Continuous Monitoring


It will keep you informed about any need for ongoing medical monitoring, tracking a trip because their proceedings so warranted or visits to their GP or physiotherapist to allow a better control of the process and a speedy and successful recovery.