cancer de colonAdenocarcinoma (Cancerous tumor) of the colon is among the leading causes of death worldwide, the risk of invasive colorectal cancer increases with age. Over 90% are diagnosed in people over 50 years of age. Among different  risk factors producing colon cancer are: age, presence of polyps in the colon, family history, smoking, and diets high in saturated fat.


The symptoms are varied, such as abdominal pain, transrectal bleeding, thinner stools, fatigue, anemia, and weight loss.

 Diagnostic studies include detection of fecal occult blood, colonoscopy, computed tomography to assess whether it has spread to other organs.


 The  recommended treatment is surgical resection of the tumor. The type of surgical approach and the reconstruction of the intestinal transit to be performed will depend on the location, whether on the right or left side or the transverse colon. The treatment can be performed through laparoscopic procedure and must be accompanied by chemotherapy.