MangaIn this surgery, a reduction of the capacity of the stomach is performed into a shape of tube or sleeve of small capacity. This makes the patient feel full with little amount of food and lose weight significantly.


Surgery is performed through laparoscopy and it is necessary to staple and cut part of the stomach to decrease it in size, turning it into a tube; however, it is not necessary to cut and stitch the small intestine. This surgery is an excellent alternative and quality of life with gastric sleeve surgery is excellent. It is also the most recommended surgery for patients with less severe obesity (BMI between 30 to 40 kg/m²), for teenagers, and the elderly, since food absorption is not disrupted and normal growth is not affected.


Gastric Sleeve Advantages

It is a minimally invasive surgery, generally produces a 70% weight loss in some cases and sometimes up to 100%. There is no need to take vitamin and mineral supplements permanently after surgery and requires less follow-up medical examinations than the gastric bypass which is more complex. The decision on the type of surgery should be made jointly by the physician and the patient after a proper information process.