Dr. José Heriberto GuerreroDr. José Heriberto Guerrero Chacón 


Specialty: Physiatry


Subspecialty: Rehabilitation of sports injuries


Academic Studies:

uacaDoctor in Medicine. Autonomous University of Central America, San José, Costa Rica. 1991



Post-graduate studies:

  • IMSS instituto mexicano seguro socialPhysical medicine and rehabilitation. Mexican Social Security Institute, Mexico DF, Mexico. 1995


  • Universidad autonoma de MexicoRehabilitation Medicine. Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico DF, Mexico. 1996.


  • logo_csd_07High Performance Center San Cougat Del Valles, Barcelona, España.1996


Medical Work Experience:

  • Medical physiatrist. Telethon Foundation Pro-Rehabilitation FUNTER, San Salvador.

  • Active Medical Director. Salvadorian Football Federation, San Salvador.

  • Active Medical Director. El Salvador Olympic Committee.

  • Active Medical Director and owner of FISIOSPORT clinic.