chequeoPreventive cardiovascular screening is a comprehensive and personalized assessment to detect cardiovascular risk factors (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol) or asymptomatic cardiovascular diseases, with the aim of reducing and preventing cardiovascular risk: myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.


The objectives of the Preventive Cardiovascular Checkup are to:

  • Promote healthy lifestyles.

  • Identify cardiovascular risk factors.

  • Develop an individual plan to detect modifiable risk factors.

  • Reduce the risk of a cardiovascular event.

The Cardiovascular Screenings Program offers different plans with different levels of complexity depending on the background of each individual; it includes several tests:

  • Electrocardiogram: it evaluates the heart rhythm and function through a recording of the electrical activity of the heart.

  • Echocardiogram: it provides moving images of the heart.

  • Stress test is mainly used for diagnosis of angina in patients with chest pain and to assess the heart’s response to exercise.

  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).

  • 24-hour Holter Monitoring: Ambulatory 24-hour electrocardiographic monitoring.

  • Laboratory tests.

General information and cardiology package procedures:

  • Your checkup will take about half a day.

  • The package selected by you cannot be replaced by a higher value package unless there are complications and with prior arrangements with your medical facilitator.

  • Any test, procedure or research to be performed that is not included in the package will be charged separately.

  • You must be on time for your appointments. Note that if you are late, there may be additional delays in other appointments.

  • Note that you are required to fast for 12 hours. You may only drink water.

  • Come prepared with comfortable sports clothing and shoes for the exercise to be performed during your treadmill stress test.

  • Remember to reconfirm your follow-up visit after completing all tests to get the results and the cardiologist reading.

  • Contact your medical tourism facilitator at least 15 days before your trip in case of any cancellation and / or rescheduling.

  • Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of the facilitator’s management.