entropionIt is characterized by a reversal of the upper and/or lower eyelid that causes a permanent and continuous rubbing of the eyelashes which in turn causes a secondary keratitis characterized by frequent tearing as a result of foreign body sensation and secretions.

Surgical correction is required to place the lower eyelid retractors in place at the level of the tarsus or with spacers in the case upper lid entropions, as in the case of donor sclera, for example. Non-absorbable sutures are placed on the skin, which are removed after 10 days approximately.

Entropion is more common in the lower eyelid. Its most common etiology is involutional origin caused by aging; however, if it appears in the upper eyelid, we should rule out trachoma, an infection caused by iethracomatis chlamydia which generates excessive scarring of the tissue causing the described pathology.