estetica-carillasDental Aesthetics is a very useful for troubleshooting both inherited and acquired over time tool. With cosmetic dentistry procedures can replace missing teeth, repair fractured teeth, align and recontouring smile, removing blemishes and generally improve the appearance of teeth.


1.Dental cleaning or prophylaxis:

odontologia-limpiezaIs one of the most popular treatments in dentistry. It plays an important preventive function, and is relevant to the prevention of some dental diseases. It involves the removal of tartar and stains on the teeth or under the gum. Only a qualified professional can perform this procedure which takes 30 to 40 minutes. It is important to go to an expert because if the cleaning is done incorrectly, it may cause serious oral health problems.


2.Dental veneers:

carillasA dental porcelain veneer is a thin layer of porcelain, the size of a finger nail, which is placed by applying adhesive or special cement over the outer surface of a tooth. The dental veneer allows correcting the shape, position and color of the teeth and restoring the aesthetics of the smile of patients, in a less invasive manner and in some cases, without having to carve the teeth. After placing the veneer, it feels and works like a white, beautiful and normal tooth.


3.Teeth Whitening:

blanqueamientoIs a revolutionary cosmetic dental treatment capable of reducing several shades of the original color of the teeth, leaving teeth whiter and brighter. People are much more interested in having whiter teeth and many consider it a necessity both to succeed in their professional and social life, since white teeth provide a clean, healthy and youthful appearance.