1.Dental Implant Placement:

colocacion_implantesIt is a “step surgery” process. The first stage is to bury the implant (which replaces the tooth root) at bone level below the gums. This protects the implant from the chewing forces while it heals. At the end of the healing process, the implant must be surgically exposed by removing part of the overlying gingiva. In this second stage, the surgeon checks if the implant is successfully integrated and connects the pole or pillar, which come in many forms and may be manufactured as part of the inventory or may be customized by your dentist and a laboratory. Time is allowed for the gum to heal around the pillar and form a crease through which the dentist will have access to the implant, while preparing the final restoration stage that consists of placing the crown or prosthetic teeth.


2.Bone Grafting:

injerto_huesoIs the alternative for people who, for various reasons, lack enough bone or has poor bone quality. Gingivitis (gum inflammation), if not treated in time, results in periodontitis (gums begin to detach from the teeth, lengthening them and leaving room for plaque to get stored), thus causing jaw bone deterioration and tooth loss. One of the techniques used to renew the architecture and function of lost tissue is bone grafting, a surgical procedure for replacing lost or deficient bone with a substitute material that can come from different sources: from the same individual, but from another bone (hip, ribs, etc.); from the jaw bone but from a different area; or other source different from human, (bovine, etc.); or inorganic, mineral or synthetic materials. This material replaces the lost bone, is strengthened with the growth of new bone, forming a bridge between the graft and the patient’s own bone and makes possible to implant a tooth, where it was previously impossible, because of lack of support. The results of the treatment will depend on several things such as the severity of the disease, good oral hygiene, and some risk factors, such as smoking, which can decrease the chances of success.